Air Supply of the Future  

Air Supply of the Future Inc. has the widest range of commercial and residential air blowers for many applications including pool-spa and bathtub aeration, aquaculture, industrial and chemical processing. For over 20 years Air Supply has provided quality aeration system design and sales. We take the guesswork out of blower sizing and provide our customer with technical support that is rated #1 in the industry.

Boss Products  

Boss Products is a division of Accumetric LLC, an international adhesive and sealant corporation with over 40 years of adhesive and sealant industry experience. They supply a line of spa and bath silicone sealants and adhesives for synthetic skirting from their ISO 9001 certified production facility in Kentucky.


Christy’s supplies a wide range of solvent cements and primers for the spa and bathware industries. They have over 35 years of experience with cements and primers which has established them as a leader in PVC solvent cements, sealants and adhesives. Their “Christy’s Red Hot Blue Glue” has been the top selling product in many industries for years. With a state of the art production faculty in Tennessee and regional distribution locations around the country, they supply quality products and service their customers efficiently and professionally.

Del Ozone  

Del Ozone has been an integral part of the spa industry offering state-of-the-art ozone sanitation systems since 1985. Through ongoing advances, one-on-one customer service and offering experienced, knowledgeable customer support, DEL is the number one ozone supplier to the spa, pool and bathware industries. In addition, DEL Ozone manufactures the only ozone system to receive an NSF listing (NSF P-308) for antimicrobial efficacy in jetted tubs.


INFINITREE is a North American company that specializes in the manufacture of a highly engineered polymer designed specifically for finishing spa enclosures. It has the look and feel of wood, with the benefits of being fade and maintenance-free… ideal for the spa market.

The INFINITREE formulation pioneered the maintenance-free “plastic wood” industry. Developed in the mid 90’s, the formulation was first commercialized in 1997 as a maintenance- free decking system. Fencing, cladding and furniture applications soon followed. Only the INFINITREE technology meets the key “plastic wood” criteria.

INFINITREE's extensive research, development, and testing yields a far superior product which boasts: BEST Stain resistance, BEST Anti-Warp performance, BEST UV/Fade longevity. INFINITREE products are time tested in spa cladding and furniture and are backed by a 10 year product performance warranty. INFINITREE — “What Wood Should Be”


Mazzei® Injector Company, LLC is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance Venturi-type injectors that transfer or mix liquid or gas additives into solution. Mazzei delivers exceptional performance, efficiency and value. Our reputation for thoroughly engineered design and customer service is second to none.

TEK Tube  

Tektube Group, LLC has been an innovator in the pool, spa, and irrigation hose industries since 1999. We produce the highest quality hose and tubing in the United States. Our technologically advanced equipment and knowledgeable staff are at your disposal to maximize your performance and product line.


A leader in manufacturing state of the art Magnetic drive circulation pumps for the spa industry. Low power consumption, long running life, compact design and backed by one of the largest pump manufacturers in the world makes this pump line a desired component to the spa industry.